Catalogue Services

Nedjon Media works with our label partners to develop new revenue streams for their catalogues. These revenue streams include:

  • Audio License Services for Mall Music and general audio licenses for master rights for use in public spaces.
  • Catalogue valuations. If we distribution the catalogue then our legal team can provide you with a catalogue valuation and revenue forecasts. This is available only for labels that have been trading with Nedjon Media for 6 months or longer.
  • Copyright Protection Services – Using Digital Audio Finger Prints to protect copyrights with Blockchain tools.
  • Creation of catalogue brochures.
  • Expansion on distribution outlets and networks.
  • Legal Support Services – One of the great things we provide our label partners is a no charge legal support team to manage and protect your copyrights.
  • Neighbouring rights management.
  • Play listing and Streaming Servicing – Developing new revenue with play listing and streaming services.
  • Repackaging and Artwork Updates.
  • Rights Management and Publishing Administration.
  • Searching for unpaid and unclaimed royalties.
  • Sync License Promotion Services.
  • Video master restoration and video distribution monetization services.
  • YouTube Content ID and Monetization Revenue Stream Development Services.
  • Compilations – Creation of artwork, meta data, and media for new compilation series.
  • We have set out below some catalogue brochures and examples of the management work and services we provide our label partners.
  • If you would like to know more about how our Catalogue and Media Teams can grow new revenues for your catalogue then please email